Arrow Cloud Connect

Arrow Cloud Connect

Arrow’s Cloud Connect is a free online tool chain for building Internet of Things application on ARM® Cortex-M0+ platform. You can write, compile and program code to your Freescale Freedom Development Platform. You can also connect to Etherios Cloud through a software gateway, giving you instant capability to sense and send data for various end points. Our dashboards will visualize data in a meaningful format.

With Arrow’s Cloud Connect, you can now avoid purchasing and downloading cumbersome IDEs. You will have access to a code library, so getting started is easy. You simply login to our webpage, enabling a fast and effective approach. With our secure system, you own your I.P. and product design.

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Getting Started

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Knowledge Base

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Code Library

Find example project and libraries to jump start your designs.


Free, full featured IDE for your online development.


View information from your cloud connected devices.