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Arrow’s enVision Tool is a free online application for early design phase exploration and collaboration. Users can quickly draw block diagrams starting from a simple blank canvas, or start from a reference design. An extensive component library provides full concept build-out, down to a BOM. An innovative collaboration module enables design sharing, messaging and live updates with colleagues and Arrow technical experts around the world.

Lighting Designer

Arrow Lighting Designer is a sophisticated cloud-based application platform to design complete LED lighting system solutions in minutes. This integrated design environment combines multiple modules including light sources, secondary optics, power supplies, connectors, heat sinks and boards to develop a system solution.

Embedded Systems Power Designer

Arrow Embedded Systems Power Designer is a cloud-based platform for building optimized power architectures for a wide range of Altera FPGAs. The design center assists engineers to define and optimize power supply systems, to identify and specify the right converters from different manufacturers and instantly generate a complete Bill of Materials.

Power Supply Advisor

Power Supply Advisor is a free online tool that helps in the selection of the right power supply solution from Arrow's comprehensive and unrivaled line card of top manufacturers. The tool features a Power Product Selector to filter, compare and select over 30,000 AC/DC and DC/DC devices available from top manufacturers. The tool also features a Visual Power Designer to design power supply blocks, define loads and connections, view schematic and generate a BOM, complete with pricing and availability.

BeMicro SDK JumpStart Designer

Arrow BeMicro SDK JumpStart Designer is a powerful cloud-based design platform for rapid online prototyping of BeMicro SDK devices. Novice users can surpass the learning curve required with complex software by using this tool, with easily customizable pre-configured labs online.

Linear Technology FPGA Power Designer

Linear Technology FPGA Power Designer is a cloud engineering application for designing and optimizing FPGA power architectures using Linear Technology's wide portfolio of power converters. The application supports leading Altera FPGA families with default and custom power trees. Users can verify their design with simulation made possible with LTSpice models. The design summary report, LTSpice models and a complete design BOM are all available for download when the design has been finalized.

Cloud Connect

Arrow Cloud Connect is a free online tool chain for building Internet of Things application on Cortex M0+ platform. You can write, compile and program code to your Freescale Freedom Development Platform. You can also connect to the Etherios Device Cloud through a software gateway, giving you instant capability to sense and send data for various end points. Our dashboards will visualize data in a meaningful format.